September 26, 2022
A protester is forcibly removed from Elizabeth II's funeral procession in Scotland |  Globalism

A protester is forcibly removed from Elizabeth II’s funeral procession in Scotland | Globalism

A 22-year-old man was pulled from the crowd in Edinburgh during the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin on Monday (12).

The procession was largely silent, to the sound of bagpipes, until the man was heard shouting, “Andrew, you sick old man.”

Other viewers responded with “God save the king” before the man was taken.

Prince Andrew’s brother King Charles IIIwas embroiled in a sex scandal when an American woman said she was assaulted by him in 2001. The case closed this year, when the two parties reached a settlement.

Report sexual harassment

Prince Andrew has been denounced by a US citizen who alleged that Elizabeth II’s son sexually assaulted her in 2001, when she was 17 years old.

A civil lawsuit was filed in the middle of last year by Virginia Joffrey, a victim of the sexual crimes of US financier Jeffrey Epstein – who died in 2019.

Joffrey said he had sex with Prince Andrew more than two decades ago and that the meetings were to take place at the home of Epstein’s ex-partner, Jesselyn Maxwell.

The prince denied the allegations. In January of this year, he renounced his military titles and relinquished his honorary posts.