December 3, 2023
A R$100 note with these details can be worth about R$5,000;  know how to change

A R$100 note with these details can be worth about R$5,000; know how to change

Currently, you can get a file rare note Which can be of much more value than you think.

Rare banknote collectors, called numismatists, are looking for a file 100 Brazilian Real Which has a unique feature. According to collectors, the value of 4.5 thousand Brazilian Real In exchange for the rare note.

It is important to note that this is a specific case. Therefore, not all 100 BRL bills have more value than what you actually suggest.

In addition, it is important to note that the values ​​of rare banknotes may vary depending on the requirements of numismatic experts. Some factors make banknotes more in demand and have more value, such as manufacturing errors, reduced appearance or lifespan of banknotes.

But after all, what kind of a 100 BRL bill has a higher value today? paying off!

Note 100 BRL with the highest value currently

See below what are the main features of the rare model of the R$100 note:

  • The 100 Brazilian riyal banknote of the “first family” of the riyal;
  • The absence of the words “Glory be to God”.
  • It was released in 1994, that is, at the beginning of the real scheme;
  • The signature of the Minister of Finance, Mr. Rubens Ricupero.
  • Signature of the Speaker of Parliament central bankPedro Malan.

How much is the $100 bill now?

Those who have a 100 Brazilian Real banknote from the “First Family” from the real, signed by Malan and Ricupero and without the words “May God reward you with good”, You can earn up to 4500 BRL Currently. However, for this, the note must be in perfect condition.

The value of the rare R$50 banknote may be R$4000

A R$50 bill kept in your wallet can also be worth a lot of money. This is because numismatists are willing to give thousands of reais to buy antiquities, such as the rare R$50 banknote.

Recently, an item caught the attention of Brazilians, because it is a file 50 Brazilian Real banknote The phrase “Thank God” is not printed on it. At the moment, banknotes can reach 4 thousand Brazilian reals on the market.

In 1994, the phrase “Thank God” that had been printed on banknotes since 1986, was forgotten in the first batch of ballot papers. At the time, a bill was passed abolishing the religious phrase on the grounds that the country was secular.

However, the duration of the project did not last. This is because the Finance Minister, at the time, Rubens Ricupero, once again stuck to the phrase in the Notes 50 Brazilian Real. As a result, banknotes without this phrase are very rare today.

In addition, another item that is currently considered important is the banknote, also valued at R$50, which was signed by Minister Ricupero. It turns out that the CEO was only in the position for five months, which made his signature rare on some real notes. This ‘goodness’ can also amount to a value 4 million Brazilian riyalsto.

It is worth noting that it is not only the note containing the religious phrase that is considered rare. At the moment, the 50 Brazilian real banknote signed by Finance Minister Percio Arreda, who spent only a few months in office, is very important to collectors. It is estimated that only 400,000 units were printed containing the signature of the CEO

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