February 1, 2023
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A rare note worth R$4,000; Learn how to trade!

There are some banknotes that are worth much more than the value printed on them. Check if you own this rare note in question.

You might not notice it, if you weren’t very attentive or if you didn’t notice very well, but you might have a specific note worth up to 80 times the value it was minted on.

This is a slightly different R$50 bill. The difference is due to the lack of information that would normally be present in a normal note.

That’s because the words “Thank God” were not printed on the paper, causing it to currently be sold for as much as R$4,000, according to experts.

Rare note date

In 1986, the notes were printed with the words “Thank God”. However, in 1994, the first batch of banknotes intentionally did not contain this phrase. This was due to a bill that claimed that the country was secular and therefore the phrases should not be printed.

However, the Minister of Finance at the time, Rubens Ricupero, decided that the phrases would reappear on the R$50 bills, making these bills without the phrase very rare today.

However, it should be noted that this R$50 banknote is not the only one that can be worth up to R$4,000. Because, as collectors say, another note of this value is also very special.

This other note is about R$50 and was signed by Minister Ricupero. This rarity was due to the fact that he only remained in office for five months, with few papers signed by the then minister.

Where do you sell this kind of notes?

If you have any note considered rare, or even one of the coins mentioned in Another matter here in your attributed to him Digital, it is possible to sell through some auction sites, or collectors, known as numismatists.

One alternative is the website tenor and bellizari, It is an auction house, where you register the item and it gets appraised. Another option is the website Brazil coin auctionswhich works the same way it was first mentioned.

Photo: rafastockbr / shutterstock.com