September 25, 2022
A Real Madrid bill can be worth a fortune in a while

A Real Madrid bill can be worth a fortune in a while

The market for collectible banknotes and coins has grown a lot in recent years and around the world. It seems that more and more banknotes are overvalued by collectors, which may result in a good sum for those who want to sell.

Some real banknotes and coins have a very high value. This time a bill of R$2.

The banknote in question was produced in 2017 by Crane AB in Sweden. The banknote was already worth R$5 among collectors once it was launched due to its difference: the name of the company was engraved on the banknote itself. These details give it more value.

It cannot be considered a rarity as 100 million were produced. In Brazil, 1 in 10 people have one of these cards. However, in the future, it may become highly valuable in the coinage market.

How do you know?

Instead of the banknote where Casa da Moeda is usually printed, the note bears the letters DZ. It is an item that represents the history of the country, as printing costs were reduced by 17% through its production.

The advice is: If you find a note like this, keep it well, it is very likely to be evaluated in a few years.

How does the market for selling banknotes and coins work?

Both banknotes and coins can gain more value over time.

The first step is to research specialty stores or cash auction houses to evaluate the item.

By knowing the price, sales can be made in physical or virtual spaces.

Brasil Moedas Leilões is one of the main auction houses in the country. Through the site, the possibility of registering the banknote or currency to be evaluated.

The Brazilian Coinage Association has a website where you can find shops and auction houses.

Markets such as Mercado Livre, Enjoei, Ebay and many more can also be used for this type of sale. In these cases, it is essential to be aware of the history of achieving greater security in negotiations.

Valuable banknotes in Brazil

See some rare real banknotes that can be worth over a thousand Brazilian reals.

  • A R$50 bill that reads “Thank God”. It is worth about $4,000.
  • $5 and $10 Russian with an asterisk in front of the number. It is worth up to 2000 Brazilian riyals.
  • Banknotes imported from other countries. It is valued at R$1,500 in the collectors’ market.
  • Note 1 Brazilian Real. It can be worth up to 200 Brazilian Real.

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