January 31, 2023
A reference hospital in the treatment of cancer in Piauí threatens to close its doors due to lack of resources to pay nursing costs |  Biao

A reference hospital in the treatment of cancer in Piauí threatens to close its doors due to lack of resources to pay nursing costs | Biao

The Piauí Cancer Control Association Alcenor Almeida (APCCAA) announced Thursday (18) the possibility of closing the São Marcos Hospital, a reference in the treatment of cancer in Piauí, to close its activities. The health unit claimed a lack of resources to pay New salary limit for nurses, technicians, assistants, nurses and midwives. The announcement was criticized by the Federation of Categories.

says part of a note. (Read the full text at the end of the report.)

The APCCAA reports that the hospital has contacted the government in an effort to obtain funding sources to meet these business commitments. Hospital São Marcos has been a philanthropic entity in activity for nearly 70 years and is the only Center of High Complexity In Oncology (CACON) in Piauí. The health unit provides its services to the Unified Health System (SUS) and special care.

to me g 1The Ministry of Health of Piauí State (Cisabe) reported that the agency is providing financial aid to São Marcos Hospital, but did not report the amounts transferred. city ​​hall Teresinaa partnership with the Health Unit, has reported that it will not take a position on the matter.

The president of the Union of Nurses, Assistants and Nursing Technicians of the State of Piauí (Sinatipe), Eric Riselli, criticized the announcement and stated that it would not be the first mention of a possible closure of activities at the São Marcos Hospital.

“We don’t think São Marcos is about to close, because it’s not the first time they’ve shown this ‘scene’. Every time there’s something against their interest or profit, they threaten it. This is the third episode we’ve been watching in less than a year.”

Senatepe President Eric Rickley – Photo: Gil Oliveira/G1

Eric Riselli also noted that since the labor reform, this group has experienced increased working hours without a relative increase in salary.

They increased working hours by 50% without increasing the salary. Go from 30 or 36 hours of work to 44 weeks, without taking a penny to make up for those extra hours. At these times, at the expense of the category, they are not treated. When their earnings drop, they blame the class and try to push society against nursing.”

A survey conducted by the Consortium of Santas Casas de Misericórdia, Hospitals and Charitable Entities (CMB) indicates that charitable hospitals and Santas Casas in Piauí will suffer an impact of R$37,300,063.30; 159% annual budget increase with the installation of the new nursing floor. The state will have the highest relative increase among Brazilian federal entities.

According to the approved law, the new nursing homes are as follows:

  • Nurses: R$4,750
  • Nursing technicians: 3,325 Brazilian riyals
  • Nursing assistants: R$2,375
  • Midwives: 2375 BRL

Read the note issued by the APCCAA

The Piauí Association Against Cancer Alcenor Almeida (APCCAA) publishes to the public to clarify the financial situation resulting from the enactment of Law No. for the continuation of its activities in the Hospital of São Marcos.

Hospital São Marcos is a charitable entity active for nearly 70 years, health service provider and the only Center of High Complexity In Oncology (CACON) in the state of Piauí. It provides services to the Unified Health System (SUS), treats more than 95% of all cancer cases in Piauí, and all cancers in children and adolescents who do not have private health plans in the state are treated by the hospital.

The recent legislation of the law setting the minimum salary for nursing personnel, since the source of the funds is not specified, requires significant immediate expenses for the hospital, which jeopardizes the full exercise of its activities. As already reported by the national media and voiced by the Federation of Santas Casas de Misericórdia, Hospitals and Charitable Entities – CMB, most charities in the country do not have sufficient financial resources to bear these effects; With São Marcos Hospital, the situation is no different.

This time there will be a millionaire increase in the monthly expenses of the hospital, which will not be able to meet its obligations and will have to restrict the provision of health services.

It is important to record respect, admiration, and gratitude for nursing professionals, acknowledging the importance of their role and agreeing with the need for ongoing recognition for the class. However, the enacted law, as it were, would have dire consequences for the residents of Piauí and the professional class itself, with the risk of limiting employment opportunities.

It should be noted that the administration is doing its best with the government, and has already informed the federal entities as well as the relevant public authorities, with a view to obtaining funding sources to comply with the law in a sustainable manner.

However, if there is no solution to the problem, given the complete scenario presented, you will have to close the hospital activities.

TeresinaAugust 18 2022

Gustavo Antonio Barbosa de Almeida – President of the Beauwens Cancer Society Alcinor Almeida

General Director of São Marcos Hospital

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