A referendum on the voting system…

Jean-Marc Salvet
The Sun

Un référendum sur le mode de scrutin...

CHRONIC / Why is there no referendum on the mode of proportional representation promised by the government, Legault?

After all, when it promotes a mode of proportional voting in the name of the democratic ideal, it would be normal to push the logic to the end, asking the citizens whether they are for or against, no?

If such a referendum is not expected to, among others, it is because his flatterers fear that the result is negative, that the idea of a referendum on a “mode of proportional representation compensatory mixed with compensation national and regional distribution” — sorry, that’s his name — is not supported by a majority of Quebecers.

Among his supporters, the hottest, the Mouvement Démocratie Nouvelle, and Québec solidaire would reject without doubt the claim that it is because of this fear that they are opposed to the organization of a referendum on this question. But the fact is that they are opposed to.

All the supporters of such a project are still afraid that in the final analysis, the complexity or the appearance of complexity in a voting system where we elect constituency mnas and “list members” is repugnant to a majority of citizens.

This is why, even if it is paradoxical, it is not envisaged that in Quebec the passage of a polling mode to another passes through the meshes of a referendum.


The benefits of a proportional system are clear : it would reduce distortions between the votes of the voters and the composition of the national Assembly; it would require parliamentary groups to work differently. And might even force more collaboration.

The government of François Legault is not contemplating a referendum on it is amazing, however. And this, because even if it is committed to present a draft bill ad-hoc committee by the month of October — it will be — it remains at the bottom of sceptical about the relevance of change of mode of election. Behind the scenes, all the caquistes are not considering the thing with the same enthusiasm.

The inconsistency at the inconsistency

Why is the government Legault does-t-he not in favour of holding a referendum on this issue? Simply because it would face an outcry from the supporters of the project — and they are many to be able to give them voice in the media.

If it were to rule for the holding of a referendum, he would immediately accuse him of trying to run the project; you do not want, at the bottom.

Even worse for him : he would accuse him of doing indirectly what the prime minister Justin Trudeau has done directly on the federal scene, either to throw away his electoral commitment to the dustbin.

And some in government Legault know of any way that there are more subtle ways to possibly harm the project, if necessary. For example, conducting a large and extensive public consultation across the province of Quebec without ever formally commit to this change to be effective upon the next general elections…

Or elaborating on terms such that the degree of proportionality would be ultimately tenuous; in other words, by opting for a mode of proportional voting, which would eventually more appearance attributes that are…

One conclusion is obvious : since neither the Coalition avenir Québec and Québec solidaire, or the Parti québécois does not want a referendum on this issue, at least that they do not tell us, at one time or the other, that he would open the way to referendums by popular initiative on different topics of public interest. They would then the inconsistency at the inconsistency.

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