A reunion full of memories for the old Inouk

Retrouvailles pleines de souvenirs pour les anciens Inouk

It was time for a reunion for former players Inouk basketball this weekend. Always so passionate, former students of the Cégep de Granby of all ages are dribler of the ball in friendly matches and competitive, and this, until Sunday evening.

Several generations were gathered together on an even playing field. It was the case of Daniel Dumoulin, who was part of the team that won the provincial championship of college basketball 30 years ago. A feat that has not been repeated since.

Mr. Dumoulin was to be the tournament’s homecoming this year to celebrate its fifty years, which correspond by the purest of coincidences with the fiftieth anniversary of sports at the Cégep de Granby. To enjoy it fully, it participates to the areas of participatory and competitive, which ensures him to play very often during the weekend. A true enthusiast.

The Granbyen still remembers the provincial championship. The Inouk had faced the Cégep de Bois-de-Boulogne, in the league in Montreal.

“There were even fans of Granby, which we had followed in the championship in Victoriaville. It is hard to get there. A defeat and you’re out of the tournament. Then, the pressure is high. But I remember the discussions we had on the field to calm down. “

The last thing that the coach, an English-speaker, had done to prepare his team was to teach him how to cut the mesh of the basket, a tradition for the winners. “He showed us how to do it. Each player had to cut a mesh. It was particular. After the final, the coach was on the edge of the field and tells us in English that there was one last thing to do. And he pulled out a pair of scissors from his pocket. “

The trace of the famous net has been lost. The artifact had been kept by one who has been sports director at the Cegep for a period of 31 years, Gilles Fortin, who passed away last year, but it has not been found since.

After its passage in Inouk, Daniel Dumoulin has continued to play. He has even taken on the role of coach. He has been a coach for his old training for two years. This sport has allowed him to develop his discipline and become a leader, ” because if you are playing alone, do not go away. “

To succeed in his courses and on-the-ground

The program Inouk also forced the players to be serious in their studies. It has saved many young people from failure. This has certainly helped Jasen Ares-St-Onge to succeed in their courses.

“The school has been a difficulty for me and in the sport-études, you have no choice, it is necessary that you have a 70% average in all your courses to be able to play. “He ended up having to leave the team, but it was a motivation out of the ordinary. The young man has been a part of Inouk from 2011 to 2013.

After its technical architecture, fortunately, he was able to join a team of senior category when he started a diploma of vocational studies.

He plays among others with Louis-Philippe Cartier, another former Inouk. Basketball runs in their veins.

“At the time, it was enormous, the basketball court,” says Mr. Cartier, who has played with the club from 1997 to 1999. It was a group of friends, a nice way to do sport, to compete, and, twenty years later, we are still friends. “Some are part of the same team, senior MM Ares-St-Onge and Cartier, a team strong enough that combines the strengths of different generations.

“We had a core of players who were strong and we added the generation of Jean-François Laurin, who has taught at Jasen, and then it was added to Jasen and the other guys of his generation because it was of the legs, that was fast,” recalls laughing, Mr. Cartier.

The popularity of basketball

At the time of Louis-Philippe Cartier, basketball was popular in Granby. This discipline was the most well known in the sports program at the Cégep de Granby. “To be part of it, it was an honor and a goal for all the kids who were playing basketball. We were lucky to be part of it. There was a large pool of players. “

Jasen Ares-St-Onge has followed in the footsteps of its big sister Érika, who played for Inouk basketball. He also played hockey, but had to make a choice that is stopped on the ball bouncing.

He made his first steps in this sport thanks to the program Notes-Inouk, who stopped for some time before returning to life.

The Mini-Inouk and Succession Inouk makes it possible to transmit this passion to young people from the age and primary cause a resurgence of popularity of the sport. According to MM Cartier and Ares-St-Onge, there are very good players who will come for the next few years. They predict a strong team in a year or two, which could, in turn, cut the net of the basket.

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