October 1, 2022
A Rock in Rio: Dua Lipa Reaffirms the Value of "Nostalgia for the Future" - 12/09/2022 - Illustrated

A Rock in Rio: Dua Lipa Reaffirms the Value of “Nostalgia for the Future” – 12/09/2022 – Illustrated

In March 2020, two Lipa He released the album “Future Nostalgia”, the album that would enter the top charts of the year. With a collection inspired by songs and productions that summed up decades of dance music into a futuristic and nostalgic sound, the record confirmed the ambitious promise of its title.

It was the perfect soundtrack for parties – from apartments to the biggest nightclubs – and the festivals of the year that were just beginning.

The parties and festivals did not come – what came was the epidemic that paralyzed the world and forced everyone into social isolation, unlike the melted company of the dance floor. So, when Dua Lipa took Mundo do rock in rio This Sunday, at the conclusion of the 2022 edition of the event, there was something bigger at stake than just a (big) show.

On that piece of land in Rock City, Just like he did in Sao Paulo a few days ago, Dua Lipa, Seems to Close an Open Arc in March 2020. In this way, she suggested the imagination between the drum release and her collective experience—on the dance floor, at the party, her greatest career—no gap. The world went on, the world went on, and the company’s fusion of “Nostalgia for the Future” is more of a nostalgic future.

At 12:28 AM on Monday, with an 18-minute delay, Dua Lipa kicked off her show with the song “Physical” from her popular 2020 album “Future Nostalgia”. And in its first moments, a celebration of the artist’s audio and visual beauty. From the 70s to the 80s, in the disco spirit.

physical. So the show went on, capturing the audience’s senses with songs like “New Rules” and “Love Again”. On stage, a powerful ballet troupe re-emphasizes the impulse of movement that its music evokes.

Dua Lipa assures, in ease and in complete control of the entire visual, acoustic and symbolic structure of the show, to live the high expectations launched by the “Nostalgia of the Future” programme. The towers of light on stage and the beats of songs like “Break My Heart” helped make Rock City the postponed dance floor since 2020.

Before the song “Be the First”, Dua Lipa thanked the Brazilian audience at length and sincerely. So, for a moment, I put aside the grandiosity of one of the biggest pop artists in the world today and hooked up with the young tourist who posted it. Walking in Lapa, dressed in green and yellow.

After the singer was briefly off stage, he announced a dance with “IGAF” for a second moment of the show, with a softer texture and “aquatic.” But no less cheerful or dancing, as shown in the delicious “Good in Bed”, in which he provoked the audience with a risk, in Portuguese, with “gatinhos e gatinhas”.

Another dance director, another dance, this time hotter and with a heartbeat, turned the stage into a big club and heralded the third act of the show. Songs like “One Kiss” and “Hallucinate” set the audience on fire and set the mood for the show. After the official finale with her version of Elton John’s “Cold Heart,” Dua Lipa returned to the stage to line up for “Nostalgia for the Future,” and “Don’t Start Now.” trance. Soul washed. close arcs