August 14, 2022
A Russian ship carrying Ukrainian grain seized in Turkey has been released

A Russian ship carrying Ukrainian grain seized in Turkey has been released

TheOn Wednesday evening, the Turkish authorities released a Russian cargo ship that was carrying stolen Ukrainian grain from the occupied city of Berdyansk.

“Thanks to the rapid intervention of the Ukrainian authorities, this ship was not able to unload the stolen goods and was detained”said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, according to European Pravda.

A request was sent to the Turkish authorities to detain the ship and its cargo.

“At the same time, ignoring the call of the Ukrainian authorities, the ship was released on the night of July 6,” the ministry statement stated.

The Turkish ambassador was summoned to Kyiv as a result of the escape of the Russian ship. The ministry demanded that the situation be investigated, and that Ankara use “all possible means to prevent such cases from happening in the future.”

“The Ukrainian side received the information with great disappointment and appealed to the Turkish side with an urgent request to conduct an investigation into the above-mentioned case and to provide a comprehensive response to the requests of the competent authorities of Ukraine, as well as to prevent future cases by all means.”

In late June, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara was taking the allegations of illegal Russian grain and grain exports from Ukraine seriously and would not allow its import into its territory.

But despite the assurances of the Turkish authorities that the country does not buy Ukrainian grain from the occupied territories, the article “Scheme” provides evidence to the contrary.

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