October 1, 2022
A Russian spy infiltrates Italian high society to gain access to NATO members

A Russian spy infiltrates Italian high society to gain access to NATO members

A Russian woman has been hiding for years as a spy at the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) base in Naples, Italy, according to what was published by the newspaper La Repubblica and Der Spiegel last Friday (26), after a journalist. It took more than ten months.

The investigation, which also included Bellingcat and The Insider, describes the spy as a woman in her 30s, “cosmopolitan and confident, who speaks six languages.”

According to the published information, she managed to enter the circles of social influence in Naples, the employees of the NATO base and the Sixth Fleet of the Navy in Naples. United State.

The Russian passport with which she was able to come to Italy belongs to the same series as those used by Russian military intelligence spies, according to the investigative report.

The woman said her name was Maria Adela Kohfeldt Rivera, and she was born in Peru and had a German father. However, later research showed that her name was Olga Kolobova and that she was the daughter of a colonel in the Russian army.

Kohfeldt Rivera’s then known whereabouts were lost in September 2018, when Bellingcat and The Insider published the names of the Russian spies who tried to poison Agent Sergei Skripal Bulgarian arms producer Emil Gebrev.

After that, she left Naples for Moscow, leaving no trace.

It was not possible to establish what information the spy had access to or whether she spread any viruses on the phones and computers of people close to her, but she is known to have “communicated with key figures in NATO and the US Navy”. According to the press investigation.