March 26, 2023

A schizophrenic woman dies in an apartment, and a body is found 3 years later

the the body By Laura Wenham, 38, was She was found by police and relatives in her apartment after spending three and a half years dead at the scenein Surrey, south east England, in May 2021.

According to The Guardian, the body of the British woman has been found In a “semi-skeletal mummified state”. After reviewing the dental records, the family’s attorneys reported this It turned out that she passed away in November 2017.

In a statement to the police, the family claims the victim was “abandoned and left for dead” by the NHS, the UK’s public health network and social assistance services.

Family members also claim that the professionals missed many opportunities to save her Neglect your interest before your death And not to make routine visits can led to the discovery of his body.

To the BBC, Laura’s relatives explained this They were unable to contact the victim due to UK privacy laws. The woman who suffered from schizophrenia refused to maintain contact with them because she believed they were trying to harm her.

Nikki Wenham, Laura’s sister, told the Guardian: “It’s heartbreaking to think about how she lived through her later years, unable to ask for help, with no one around, it’s tragic.”

“We always hoped that she would get better with professional help and that our communication would resume one day. We never believed for a moment that we would find her dead on the floor after she had been lying there for so long without anyone knowing.”

The case is being investigated by the British Justice.

A similar case occurred in London

Sheila Siliwan, 58, lived alone and passed away in August 2019, But only in February 2022 her body was found.

Sheila had no friends or family looking for her whereabouts in the two-and-a-half years she remained missing.