July 18, 2024

A soldier sacrifices his life to stop the Russian advance and is hailed as a war hero – News

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A soldier sacrifices his life to stop the Russian advance and is hailed as a war hero - News
A soldier sacrifices his life to stop the Russian advance and is hailed as a war hero - News

The war between Russia and Ukraine has already made its first hero: the young Vitaly Skakun Volodymyrovich, who gave his life to stop the advance of Russian forces. The Facebook page of Ukrainian Armed Forces officers on Friday (25th) praised Vitaly for his courage.

“On this difficult day for our country, when the Ukrainian people were repelling the Russian occupiers in all directions, the Crimean Isthmus was one of the most difficult places on the map of Ukraine, where a separate battalion of marines faced one of the first enemies to stop the advance of the tank column, it was decided to blow up the bridge of the Genichesky Road ”, The text begins.

According to the information disclosed in the publication, Vitaly Volodyrovich Skakun, from a separate battalion, offered to carry out the task of blowing up the bridge that was mined, but did not have time to leave. According to his military colleagues, Vitaly called and said that he had blown up the bridge. An explosion was heard immediately.

He continued: “Our brother died, and his heroic deed significantly slowed the enemy’s advance, allowing the unit to redeploy and organize the defense.”

The struggles continue

Meanwhile, conflicts continue in Ukraine. This Saturday (26th), The Kremlin spoke, saying that Ukraine “broke the armistice” Because the state would have refused to negotiate in the face of an unfavorable proposal from Russia.

According to Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “In line with the expected negotiations, the Russian President ordered Friday (25th) noon to stop the advance of the main forces of troops from Moscow.” “With the Ukrainian side rejecting the negotiations, the Russian forces resumed the advance,” he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Saturday that he had “disassembled a plan” to invade Russia and made an appeal to defend the capital, Kiev, which has become the main target of Moscow’s forces.

On the third day of the Russian President’s offensive, at least 198 Ukrainian civilians, including three children, were killed, and 1,115 people were injured in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Lyashko.

“We stood firm and managed to repel enemy attacks. Fighting continues in many cities and regions of the country … But it is our army that controls Kiev and the main cities around the capital,” Zelensky said in a statement. Facebook.

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