October 3, 2023
A star was named in honor of the duo Jesse and Schurasti

A star was named in honor of the duo Jesse and Schurasti

This Wednesday, 29th, duo Jesse and Shaurasti won again homage, allegiance or respectbut this was a little different than Thousands already received. They became a star name. Fan Daniel Trevizan was responsible for the event that surprised the traveler’s family.

Through a website that symbolically records the names of the stars, the fan praised it and now Jesse and Shaurasti It can be seen from anywhere in the world. The chosen star is part of the constellation Orion, which, according to the site on which the recording was made, is also known as Legendary hunter.

On Instagram for the brand shursty dogsCreated by Jesse and currently maintained by his family, a post was made about the tribute. In the text, the account administrator recalls the moments with Jesse and what it was like to receive this tribute.

Check excerpts:

“When Jesse was little, we looked for the darkest place possible… It was usually in my grandmother’s house, in the middle of nowhere, in the Paraná countryside where the electricity took a while… We lay on the grass at night looking up at the stars, that was fine Really ✨

Yesterday Jessie and Shurasti received, I received, we received, the whole world received … an unimaginable gift in my mind, it was only in my heart. ❤️ “

The post published this Thursday morning, 30th, has already garnered more than 31,300 likes and 1,700 comments. In addition to the comments made on the post, many people have left messages for Jesse and Shuratey at star page.

Official nomination for a star is only done by International Astronomical UnionThat is why the names registered on the site are symbolic of the scientific community. The website where Jesse and Schorasti were honored records the information after paying a fee of R$240.

Through the system provided by the site it is possible to see the coordinates of the star, its appearance and other information.

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