February 6, 2023
Ator morreu após ser atingido por bala perdida enquanto dormia em seu apartamento (Foto: Reprodução)

A stray bullet ended the life of the Globo actor

The actor was so beloved he died tragically

In 1992, he was the star of Dramaturgy Globe One of TV’s biggest stars died a tragic death. The same goes for the actor Oldest Kazarwho is best known for his participation in TV series such as the original version of youwhich ran between 1985 and 1986, ended up leaving Brazil in mourning for his tragic passing.

The fact happened on February 26, 1992, when the actor was sleeping in his apartment, in Ladera Sant Roman, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. On that occasion, he ended up being shot in the chest by a stray bullet. He was also saved by his partner Lucilia Braga, but he could not resist the complications and died at the age of 57, on the way to the hospital.

According to the police, the actor did not have the slightest opportunity to do anything to defend himself. The shooting originated from drug dealers in Pavao and Pavuzino favelas.

According to information from Historia TV, an expert analyzed the case and said that the shot could also have been from the police, who were exchanging fire with the criminals. But this version was discarded shortly after the possibility was revealed.

apartment for sale

In 1994, the magazine Folha de São Paulo reported that two years earlier, the apartment where Older Cazarré lived and the tragedy took place, was for sale, however, until that date, no one interested in real estate had purchased the mansion.

“Announced two years ago by a real estate agency at a price of $45,000, Apartment 202 at No. 44 Rua Sá Ferreira does not even have suitors. The real estate agency has reported that buildings near Pavao Hills and Pavuzinho have decreased in value by up to 20% compared to other buildings in the same neighborhood he told the magazine.

Actor Older Cazarré - Image: Clone
Actor Older Cazarré – Image: Clone

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