March 26, 2023

a student beats a teacher after removing a video game during class; Watch the video

Image: reproduction

A 17-year-old female student in Florida, United States, was arrested for beating a teacher at his school into unconsciousness after the teacher took a video game from him during a class.

Security cameras at Matanzas High School in Flagler County (east Florida) recorded the moment of the beating, which occurred in the school hallway.

In the recording, which was published by several American media on Saturday, it is possible to see that the student continues to attack the woman who had already lost consciousness on the ground, after pushing her so hard that she fell about two meters from where she was.

After the beating, according to police information, the student, who has special needs and is more than two meters tall, spat on the victim and threatened to kill her.

For privacy reasons, the school did not report the health status of the teacher who was hospitalized. The young man, in turn, was admitted to an institution for minor offenders.

Source: EditoraTerra