June 3, 2023
A student from the interior of the SP is recognized at six American universities: 'Sonho' |  Sao Jose Rio Brito and Arasatuba

A student from the interior of the SP is recognized at six American universities: ‘Sonho’ | Sao Jose Rio Brito and Arasatuba

A student Santa Fe do Sul (SP) Its name is stamped on the approved lists of six universities in the United States. In August, 19-year-old Guy Bettini begins her dream of studying economics at the University of Miami.

To g1, Kaique said he has always wanted to live outside the country, but that desire appeared when he made a transfer plan in Canada in 2018. At the time, his interest in international culture prompted him to pursue a dream.

“I spent a lot of time studying, I had to see a psychiatrist, even a psychiatrist. This part was so hard, it was a very long process, four years of high school, I had to do it in a year,” he said.

From then on, the student began preparing for the U.S. exams and entrance exams. He even attended a pre-school in Boston, but with the advent of the corona virus infection, Guy had to return to Brazil, and even thought the dream would not come true.

“I do not know what it will be like. The dollar has soared and the country has closed its doors. At that moment I thought my dream was over.”

Cake Study Place in USA – Photo: Personal Archive

By the end of 2020, Kaik had “turned the key” and worked even harder, realizing that the goal of studying abroad could still be achieved.

“I’m starting to realize that infection can be a benefit because a lot of people give up. Many people think like me,” the student said.

He took the exams and the results of his commitment were demonstrated with accreditation at six universities:

  • University of Miami
  • Lafayette College
  • University of Trinity
  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Villanova University

Guy chose to study economics at the University of Miami and received a full scholarship from an essay.

Letter of Approval from the University of Miami – Photo: Personal Archive

As time goes on, the butterflies in the stomach increase, the dream comes true August 15th, the date Kaik goes to America. For the family, youth is synonymous with pride.

“I showed a little bit in my family that I was talented. After approving, I talked about the scholarship. They were still happy. They always supported me financially, but also emotionally. We are very excited,” the student said. .

Family Support Kaique – Photo: Personal Archive

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