March 31, 2023
Foto de Vladimir Alves no comando do A Tarde é Sua

A Tarde é Sua audience increased by 36% with the disappearance of Sonia Abram

Sonia Abrau’s disappearance from the seat of A Tarde é Sua – at least for the time being – has revived public interest in greater São Paulo for the e-magazine: in an audience crisis since the end of Power Couple Brasil and with a few scandals in the celebrity world, RedeTV’s e-magazine! She saw her rating dwindle more and more. With the forefoot itself pulling away from gravity due to a respiratory infection, The show once again competed for fourth place in its time slot, a rarity for Amilcare Dallevo Jr. and Marcelo de Carvalho.

According to the consolidated public data from the country’s main city, obtained by a report pop tv with market sources, The first day of Vladimir Alves as an announcer for Team A Tarde é Sua scored 1.5 points average. The figure represents a 36% increase in the program’s indexes compared to the previous two Tuesdays and was enough for RedeTV! Technically related to the Band: The Saad family network had the advantage of Melhor da Tarde (1.5) and Brasil Urgente (4.2), but their average was also rounded up to 2 points.

With Elvis hastily promoted to the center of the seat, the online magazine had Philip Campos as an interviewer. (She is also set to replace Sonia Abrau in charge of merchandising work) and Bruno Talamo, who usually works in external reporting. The Afternoon Show has never had a hard time being the most watched format on RedeTV! on the day, followed by Alerta Nacional (0.8), TV Fama (0.7), RedeTV! News (0.5) and Você na TV (0.4). Between 7 am and midnight, the average broadcast was 0.5 points, in sixth place among open channels.

Check out the major TV station program averages this Tuesday (16):

Average day (07:00/00:00) 14.9
Good morning SP 8.0
Good morning Brazil 7.9
An interview with the poet Patricia 6.4
More than you 6.8
SP1 9.8
Globe Sports 9.5
today’s newspaper 12.1
Carnations and roses 15.9
Afternoon Session: Almost Legends 11.4
Worth watching again: Favorites 16.0
behind the illusion 22.8
SP2 23.5
face and courage 23.5
National Magazine 27.4
wet land 33.5
Eve girls 18.7
Reporter’s profession 11.1
Globo newspaper 7.6
Conversation with Biel 5.2
Face and Courage (Re) 4.2
Comedy at Dawn: Faye Cola 3.7
hour 1 4.7
Average day (07:00/00:00) 5.1
general balance sheet 2.2
24 hour newspaper record 2.8
Balance Sheet Manhã SP 3.5
speak brazil 3.1
Nowadays 3.6
Balance Sheet SP 6.0
fire of life 4.1
24 hour newspaper record 4.0
City alert 7.0
24 hour newspaper record 4.7
City Alert SP 7.9
journal record 7.9
kings 5.3
Unequal love 3.6
log island 2 3.5
Chicago fire 2.6
24 hour newspaper record 2.0
Speak, I hear you 1.1
universal church 0.5
Average day (07:00/00:00) 4.2
first effect 2.5
First Effect Second Edition 3.4
circular 3.6
emerald 4.3
gossip – special watches 3.2
Champions League: Rangers vs PSV Eindhoven 3.1
Angel beware – special watches 4.0
soulless 5.0
SBT Brazil 6.1
Polyana Mocha 7.2
accomplices in the rescue operation 5.3
mouse software 5.2
Amazing Cinema: Hunting 4.4
the night 2.9
mosque operation 2.2
Whoever has not seen it will see 1.8
Best Communication Reporter 1.5
SBT Brazil 2nd Edition 1.6
Average day (07:00/00:00) 2.5
Show faith 0.3
Let’s go to Brazil 0.8
Chef with Edu Guedes 0.9
open game 2.6
ball holders 2.7
Good evening Sao Paulo 1.7
The best of the era 1.5
brazil urgent 4.2
Brazil urgent ls 4.1
Band Magazine 4.3
Faustau in the band 3.0
1001 questions 1.6
Masterchef Brazil 3.0
night news 1.5
What ending did it take? 1.2
Total Sports 0.7
More geek 0.4
Journal Da Band (replay) 0.4
first newspaper 0.4

Each point represents 74,666 families and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters