December 9, 2023
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A teacher was bullied and fired for being ‘too hot’ in America

Patrice Brown, 33, is an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, USA. In a recent interview with ‘The New York Post’, she said she was bullied and fired by the principal for being ‘too attractive’ to be in the classroom. “The director had issues with my tight dresses and tight leggings,” Patrice said.

The expert stressed that these outfits are within the city’s teacher guidelines. Despite this, six years later, the principal chose to fire her, saying she “looked too attractive for the classroom”.

“I always go to work and take pictures of myself in the classroom, showing how much I love my job and looking good while teaching kids,” Patrice told the New York Post.

“Teachers are often bullied [por sua aparĂȘncia] Administration, parents, other teachers and, in higher grades, students. Teachers should not focus on what they wear. The focus should be on the children.

Despite being fired and upset by the episode, the author says she is unmoved. She got a new job at another school and is now back teaching primary school children.