August 18, 2022
A technical failure makes the CNN presenter pay Miko directly;  watch |  Gabriel Berlin

A technical failure makes the CNN presenter pay Miko directly; watch | Gabriel Berlin

Reproduction / CNN Brazil

Evandro Cini was upset by the technical failure of CNN Novo Dia

Technical glitch put Lt. Col. Evandro Cini in a too-tight skirt while driving CNN Novo Dia last Friday (1): When selecting a video clip on CNN Brasil’s morning interactive screen, the technical team made a mistake and put attorney Riccardo live on Baronovsky. The problem is that the way I entered the video was very strange. It was almost embarrassing.

Cini chose the image of commentator Thais Arbex on the program’s screen to show her analysis of the vote on Benefits PEC. Instead of the team automatically uploading the journalist’s video, footage was streamed from the nearby studio, where Baronovsky was waiting to enter the neighborhood.

The problem is that the lawyer was, as we say, comfortable. He appeared with his back to the camera, his spine tightened, and on top of that he was fiddling with his cell phone. Fortunately, the device’s screen didn’t look sharp on the big screen, so viewers couldn’t see exactly what it was doing.

Sene, somewhat embarrassed, also leaned back and let out a “sorry.” In addition, he extended his right arm toward the screen and looked directly at the technical team, his face visibly irritated by the failure. a look:

After the full presentation of the Thais Arbex’s analysis, the presenter resumed the speech and did not ignore the error, but tried to relieve tension. He commented, “Baronofsky appeared swaying a bit there at first, seeing the topic he was going to bring up in the next Freedom of Speech report, but then we were able to engage in the discourse of the Arbex Thais.”