June 7, 2023
A third of consumers have five or more credit cards

A third of consumers have five or more credit cards

Photo: tommaso79 / Shutterstock.com

According to a study by Serasa, 29% of Brazilian consumers have five or more credit cardswith this ratio equivalent to one-third of the group.

Serasa has interviewed 3,700 customers who have held an eCred-certified credit card in the last 90 days. among them, 23% three credit cardsAnd 21% two, while 18% He has four. In this way, it represents the minority that has only one card 9%.

In the survey, Serasa discovered the types of credit card purchases people prioritized the most. So the split was between:

  • food (17%);
  • supermarkets (17%);
  • pharmacology (15%);
  • Household appliances (14%).

The least important to consumers are:

  • furniture and travel (10%);
  • Ticket payments.

Is it recommended to have multiple credit cards?

Amanda Rabozo, eCred manager at Serasa, told Valor Investe that there is no valid number or limit on credit cards. The most important for her is that a person has more than one card, whether it is useful for financial management or not.

However, for those who get paid twice a month, for example, it might be interesting to have cards with different maturities to accompany the reward receipt. However, always knowing the need for restraint.

Amanda warns that “having more than one card can be a pocket hazard if not used in an orderly and orderly manner.”

In addition, Serasa’s Credit Market Manager advises consumers to understand the benefit and cost of each card and whether they will be able to pay all bills on time.

He notes that “it is important for a person to be in control of their finances, no matter if it is through a notebook, mobile phone book, Excel spreadsheet, or even the card app itself.”

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Photo: tommaso79 / Shutterstock.com