May 31, 2023

A train crash in Germany kills three people

Mass transit collided with a car at high speed in an area near Hanover; The car occupants who died were about 20 years old

Jean-Pierre Clatot/AFPphoto of an accident between a train and a car in August 2009; Three people died on that occasion.

accident in hanover, GermanyEarly on Sunday, the 23rd, between a car and a train left three people dead in an area near the German city of Hanover. According to local police information, the collision occurred around 4:50 a.m. at a junction between the railway and the North Neustadt am Röenberg road, near the A6 motorway. The accident comes two days after a nationwide strike on Germany’s rail network led to the cancellation of thousands of rail services. According to the DW portal, a police officer confirmed that there is a barrier preventing cars from crossing the level when the train passes through the area, along with a sign indicating that crossing is prohibited. However, the blockade did not completely cover the road and the car involved in the accident drove across a stretch without a barrier. Delays and cancellations plagued the area with the incident. Deutsche Bahn reported that a section of the railway between Hanover and Nienburg was closed for a few hours. According to the company, high-speed intercity (ICE) trains between Oldenburg and Hanover have been cancelled, in addition to other lines being directly affected. Intercity trains between Hanover and Emden were diverted in other directions. Among the victims were the 22-year-old driver and two women of the same age. On the train, a person and an employee were injured in the accident.