February 5, 2023

A two-meter black mamba snake trying to hide in a Christmas tree

Posted on 12/25/2022 3:15 PM

(Credit: Playback/Facebook/Nick Evans)

Can you imagine being surprised by a giant snake hidden in the Christmas tree? That’s what happened to a family from Queensburg South AfricaLast Thursday (12/22). The snake, from the black mamba subfamily, is about two meters long and is considered one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Fortunately, no one in the family was injured, but the fear when they saw the animal was great.

Expert Nick Evans rescued the python. He is known for promoting rescue and conservation work for amphibians and reptiles. Finding a snake hidden in a Christmas tree, Evans said, was one of the most bizarre events of his career.

Tell Nick Evans a little bit about the story on Facebook. “Santa left me an early Christmas present, albeit not at my house, but under someone else’s Christmas tree in Queensburg,” the expert joked.

The snake was in the family’s backyard, Evans said, but when the gardener disturbed it, it turned up a snake Try to find a quieter place to stay. “She turned away from him in fear, saw the door open and hid inside. From there, she climbed up the Christmas tree,” he said.

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