January 29, 2023
Spain and Japan pledge to strive for victory in the Cup Group E match - 11/29/2022

A US premiere with the trilogy between ‘Mighty Mouse’ and Adriano Moraes – 12/06/2022

Asia’s premier MMA event, ONE Championship will debut in May 2023 in the world’s premier combat sports market, the United States. And one of the main stars of that card is a Brazilian.

The organization announced this week that it will hold its first event in the United States on May 5 in Broomfield, Colorado. As a main event, the company led by Sadri Sidyotong produced the trilogy between American Demetrius Johnson and Brazilian Adriano Moraes, which is valid for the flyweight belt.

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Two fights between the former UFC divisional champion and the Brazilian took place in 2022, each with a win. The first clash between the two took place in April, at which time the Brazilian held the division belt, successfully defending it by knocking out ‘Mighty Mouse’ in the second round.

Johnson’s ‘revenge’ comes in a rematch in August. The former UFC fighter won by knockout in the fourth round to take home the flyweight belt, which will now be defended in a trilogy that will once and for all seal the ‘winner’ of the bout between the American and the Brazilian.

The state of Colorado recently adopted a permit to follow ONE-like rules for their fights, which differs from the so-called ‘unified rules’ adopted in most MMA events (such as the UFC). Essentially, the general rules of mixed martial arts prohibit kicks, knees and other blows to the head by those standing on the ground.