February 1, 2023
A US shelter has rescued 32 cats left homeless by the war in Ukraine

A US shelter has rescued 32 cats left homeless by the war in Ukraine

An animal shelter is called Homeward Trails Animal RescueLocated in Fairfax Station, Virginia, it is working to find loving families for more than 30 cats rescued from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In total, 32 Ukrainian cats made it to America safe and sound, according to Homeward Trails volunteer adoption coordinator Shana Offenkamp.

In May, the coordinator learned more about a non-profit organization Breaking the chainsIt is dedicated to saving war-torn animals.

Shana decided to spend a month volunteering with an organization working in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion, rescuing pets affected by the resulting conflict.

The coordinator returned to the United States to do more for these animals, so she spoke with Sue Bell, executive director of Homeward Trails, about traveling back to Ukraine to help them.

And, of course, Bell agreed to the proposal and decided that one of the best ways to help Ukraine’s homeless pets was to find them new homes.

The two traveled to Ukraine in October, where they proposed with the organization to transport 32 cats to the United States so they could find new homes in the country.

“They asked us to take as much as we could absorb, and we said, ‘Well, how many rights do you have that are medically cleared to fly?'” Shana recounted. People🇧🇷

“They had 31, plus one in Romania, so we brought 32 cats back with us,” she adds.

Animals came to the shelter in Ukraine from different parts of the country. Some of them were handed over by their teachers because unfortunately they could not take care of them amid the chaos caused by the war.

Others were found wandering through bombed areas in search of food.

However, transporting cats from Ukraine to Washington, USA is not easy.

The coordinator spent hours on paperwork to release the cats for the trip.

“We’ll certainly share our knowledge with them,” Bell said of helping other companies work through similar transits.

When all the cats were finally allowed to travel, most of them were flown to Bucharest, Romania, and then flown from the capital to Washington, where they stopped in Europe.

Another eight cats traveled back to the US on the plane with Shana and Sue.

“They’re all available for adoption, and some of them are already finding homes,” Shana said.

“Some of the kittens went to Crumbs and Whiskers Cat Cafe in Georgetown, where anyone can come and meet them and spend time with them and learn about them,” she adds.

Sue points out that it would not have been possible to rescue all of these cats without donations, as the effort was fully funded by donations made by the American people.

“We hope to continue doing this because when we take in cats, we free them up with love, a home and a place at the Breaking the Chains shelter in Ukraine.”

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