August 17, 2022
A video clip depicting the panic of passengers on a turbulent flight over the Andes Mountains

A video clip depicting the panic of passengers on a turbulent flight over the Andes Mountains

A video posted on social media recorded the moment when a plane flying over the Andes, which separates Argentina and Chile, began to shake violently, amid intense turmoil. In the background, you can hear the cries of desperation from the passengers, frightened that the plane might crash.

The photos, shared by DJ and influencer Nico Valorani on TikTok, have garnered more than 6.6 million views, 953 thousand likes, and nearly 12 thousand comments. In the log it is possible to notice how the wing of the plane shook and shook and the sound reveals the weather that was characteristic of the flight.

“What would you do if this happened to you?” , asks the DJ in the post. Although the pictures only show the outside landscape, i.e. the high peaks of the Andes mountain range, the sound gives an idea of ​​the reaction of the passengers on board.

“Mom, I want to get off,” a woman shouts insistently. Every time the plane shakes, the screeching gets louder. One woman shouts: “We will all die.”

In the comments of the post, many people make fun of the situation. One user wrote: “It’s normal to fall in Ushuaia if there is wind.” Another reassures: “Travel to Patagonia is always tainted by these turbulences; and winds, even more so in Santa Cruz and Tira del Fuego.”

One follower sarcastically said, “I went through a storm once and I think the plane was hit by lightning.” But the truth is, when answering the DJ’s question, many admit that they would have screamed the same way the women whose voices can be heard in the video screamed when the plane shook.

Strong winds over the Andes mountain range

The images were recorded by Nico during a flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina, on June 12. He says the turbulence in the part of the flight over the Andes mountain range is considered normal, due to the strong winds recorded over the highest peaks, which can reach nearly 7,000 meters in altitude.

Despite the panic, no one was hurt and the plane landed safely in Ushuaia. The next day, Nico posted a video in which he said he was fine, everyone arrived in good health and that he was worried about a lady and her son sitting behind him, who were screaming a lot because they were so scared.

“They were desperate, poor, screaming a lot. The lady kept telling the plane to get off. But this kind of thing is common when you fly. So I ask everyone not to be afraid if this happens to you one day. Just keep calm that everything will pass.”