December 8, 2022
Resgate de náufragos nos Estados Unidos no domingo (9/10) -  (crédito: Reprodução/Facebook/U.S. Coast Guard Heartland)

A video shows the dramatic rescue of a chaser surrounded by sharks in the US

Posted 10/11/2022 21:31 / Updated 10/11/2022 21:34

Sunday (9/10) Rescue of those hanged in the US – (Credit: Reproduction / Facebook / US Coast Guard Heartland)

Between Saturday (8/10) and Sunday (9/10) three men had a traumatic experience off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. In America. They drowned on a sailboat near Venice, Louisiana. Drowning Saturday morning. It was only at night that the family decided to call the Coast Guard, which began the rescue operation.

Since the exact location of the boat could not be found, the rescue team started a blind search. As of Sunday afternoon, one of the survivors reached for her cell phone and spoke with rescue services.

“One of them got cell phone service. It said I have 2% battery. He then sent a message with a printout of the location on Google Maps,” Lt. Commander Kevin Keefe, search and rescue coordinator for the U.S. Coast Guard, told the newspaper. Today.

However, coordinates for the exact location of the rescued were not in the picture, which made the rescue operation difficult. “(We had to use) geolocation and Google Maps and orient ourselves on the map with some points from the Gulf of Mexico,” Keefe recounted.

It took two hours from the exchange of messages until a Coast Guard rescue helicopter located the two. They stick to beverage coolers and cases that defend against sharks. One of them was wounded in the hands and his clothes were torn by the attack of the animals.

“He had multiple lacerations on his arm, almost to the bone, which indicated a shark bite,” said Coast Guard Vice Pilot Lt. Katie Carraway.

A third castaway was discovered half a mile from the other two. Officials have not released the names of the survivors. One of them had hypothermia. All were admitted to a local hospital and are in stable condition.

“It’s hard to describe how lucky they were. We were saved, too. Having underwear probably saved their lives, and to be honest, it was (the man’s) cell phone,” Keefe added.

Coverage by Correio Braziliense

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