A week of vacation: three days of work of more…

Une semaine de congé: trois jours de travail de plus...

According to a study by ADP Canada, Canadians work three more days to compensate for a leave of absence for a week. Highlights.

Really relaxing, vacation ? Not when they result in extra work before and after. This is the case for most of three workers in five canadians, according to a survey conducted by ADP through the online panel of Light. “The holidays can be both a blessing and a curse,” says Hendrick Steenkamp, director of the service advice on human resources for ADP Canada.

Five days in the sun under the coconut trees thus would likely result in up to 32 extra hours of work, in the worst case. Young workers are most affected by this burden : the 18-34 year olds have massively responded to have to do overtime on the edge of their vacation.

Good news for Québec, however : they are less the victims of such extra work as their counterparts in British Columbia, of which 72.7% of workers report that they save hours of overtime. In Quebec, the proportion does not exceed 41 %, which corresponds to 20 % less than the national average. Quebecers who stretch their work days to record more hours than the workers of Western canada, with an average of 17.2 hours additional in comparison to 13.8 hours in British Columbia.

A worrying situation

Who is to blame ? Employees too zealous or employers unable to provide their teams with a holiday in optimal conditions ? For ADP Canada, it is clear : employers who fail one of their fundamental obligations in human resources management and should put in place measures to avoid these extra hours.

“Managers have the responsibility to see to it that their teams get the most out of their holidays,” said Hendrick Steenkamp. This means that they should ensure a replacement in the event of absences, but also a support to mitigate the additional workload. “

Holidaymakers unable to win

The problem of overtime added to the impossibility of the “disconnect” actually during the holidays. The study shows that ” nearly half of the respondents (44.6 per cent) say they will consult with their work e-mail or that they will communicate with their colleagues during their vacations, while 13.8 per cent say be ready to get back to work in the event of a problem. Young workers are those who are more likely to stay on the lookout. “

Not to mention that many Canadians don’t even use all the vacation time they are granted. Only 48.5 per cent say they will use all of their leave during an average year, and 5 % admit that they do not take any leave in general.

The studies confirm, however, that the leave will enhance the employee productivity and their satisfaction. “These rest periods help them refuel and stay focused at work, and this has a significant impact on the performance in addition to contributing to a positive corporate culture,” the study concluded ADP Canada.


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