A Wisconsin woman has been sentenced to prison after dragging a puppy to her death

A Wisconsin woman was sentenced to a year in prison after she dragged a puppy and later died.

Rebecca Schroederos, 48, dragged her parents’ 5-month-old English dog, Dolly, through the grass and sidewalk, causing the dog to bleed from her mouth and eventually die. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel mentioned.

Schroederos was sentenced in the Waukesha County Courthouse on March 24. She was also sentenced to two years in prison and four years of probation. During the observation period she is not allowed to care for or care for the animals.

Rebecca Schroederos.Brookfield Police Department.

Schroederos did not defend any competition on March 10 in exchange for the additional charges being rejected. She was charged with animal abuse in 2019.

According to the criminal complaint, Schroederos was visiting her parents when she took Dolly for a walk. A neighbor said she saw Schroederus drag the pup across the grass and sidewalks. But when the neighbors tried to intervene, Schroederus was reported to be shivering and saying, “I will not do this with a dog, I am walking dogs for God.”

Surveillance video footage showed Schroederus pulling Dolly off the sidewalk.

The complaint stated that the dog was bleeding from her mouth when the police arrived at the parents’ home. A vet reported that Dolly had significant damage to her windpipe, which corresponds to strangulation. Dolly died the next day.

Schroederos told police that she did not intend to harm the puppy, but admitted that it might have “pulled a little too hard”.

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