December 7, 2022
A woman discovers that her "missing" boyfriend is married and has three children

A woman discovers that her “missing” boyfriend is married and has three children

A woman searching for news of her missing boyfriend has discovered he is apparently married with three children. The strange episode happened with the American Rachel Waters, who lives in Shenzhen, China.

According to The Sun, Rachel was looking for information about Paul McGee in a group Facebook From the boy’s hometown Norwich, England. After being asked about the news and reporting his fear that something bad might happen to him, he received a response from McGee’s wife’s friend: “He is married and has three children.”

Also, according to The Sun, McGee’s friends explained that he had not seen the mother of his children since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, when he was working in China and was banned from traveling, due to infection prevention measures. And she started dating Rachel.

But according to the report, McGee broke up when he went to China and “there was no overlap in the relationship.” With his return to England, the couple gave their relationship another chance. There is no explanation for the lack of contact between McGee and Rachel after arriving in his homeland.

After receiving the news, Rachel commented that the situation was not funny and deleted her post from the Facebook group.

On her social network profile, Rachel posted a message reminding her Song Not a shit by singer Doja Kat – whose lyrics criticize unfaithful men.