December 5, 2022
A woman photographed in the bathroom of a gas station in Rio says she fears: 'It's surreal psychological harm' |  Rio de Janeiro

A woman photographed in the bathroom of a gas station in Rio says she fears: ‘It’s surreal psychological harm’ | Rio de Janeiro

“It’s total dissatisfaction. Horrible feeling. It hurts, I don’t wish it could happen to anyone. It’s surreal psychological damage. I’m scared now 24 hours and I don’t trust public restrooms anymore. To RJ1.”

Last Friday (14 years old), Leary realized she had been photographed inside a gas station bathroom. With the help of her husband, she managed to catch up with the hostess of the gas station. Jose Lucas Candido. He was fired for some reason and taken to the police station.

The dentist told the report how she was able to realize the actions of the gas station worker.

A worker depicts a woman using a gas station bathroom in Lagoa, in the southern region of Rio

“I asked the gas station worker who was filling the car for the key to go to the bathroom. I thought it was a little strange because there was a ladder and the bathroom was underground. (…) A gas station worker came right behind me and asked: Are you looking for paper, do you want Paper? So I said yes, and he entered the staff room and took the paper and gave it to me, and I thanked him and went into the bathroom.”

“Once I dried myself, I finished, I looked up and there was a hole. The gas station worker was checking me out. I screamed loudly and my husband followed,” the victim recalls.

Gas station host Jose Lucas Candido has been fired for a good reason – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Lires said her husband quickly recognized who was filming her. “My husband followed him. The hostess tensed up, starting to shiver and deny it. But we managed to pick up the phone And we watched the 10-second video that showed the vase waking up‘, described.

The police were called, and everyone went to 14th place (Leblon).

According to the Royal Jordanian Civil Police, the gas station worker gave a detailed statement of the crime Unauthorized recording of sexual intimacyThe case was referred to the Special Criminal Court. José Lucas Candido will respond freely to the operation. The penalty for this type of crime ranges from 6 months to one year.

the skinny Juliana Ferreira da SilvaThe official in charge of investigating the case said that such cases should be reported so that the criminals could be punished.

The delegate explained, “If we never expose it, it just doesn’t stop. So I think the really right thing, even though we’re very scared, is to talk about it and denounce it and scream like I did.”

By noting, the wigglethe company that runs the publication, reported that The employee was fired for a reason. He also said that he sympathizes with the victim and will accompany the case management with the dealer, asking for actions so that this type of situation does not happen again.

He added, “In addition, the company through its network of distributors will promote the values ​​that we value as a company and as citizens so that such situations do not happen again.”

Confusion at a gas station in Lagoa – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo