February 6, 2023

A woman sends a video to the family before she dies in a snowstorm in the United States

Andell Taylor, 22, was found dead this weekend birthday During a historic snowstorm that hit Buffalo and brought New York state to a standstill. we. Before her death, the young woman sent a video to a group with her sisters last Friday (23/12), according to information from CNN.

Taylor was born in North Carolina and her sisters are going to be vacationing. In the video sent to the family, it showed that she was trapped in the snowstorm and that the snow kept falling.

Andell was driving home from work at a nursing home when her car got stuck in the snow six minutes from the house. The young woman called 911 and was waiting for rescuers.

“Her plan was to wait until the police arrived,” said Sister Tomecia Brown. If the emergency doesn’t arrive on time, you’ll “get out of the car and walk, as it’s out of gas.” Andell’s intention was to sleep in the car waiting for help, and if nothing happened, try to walk home.

The family told the report that Taylor sent a message to one of the sisters saying she had begun to panic after hours trapped in the car and with no information on rescuers. Her family members believe she was trapped inside the car for 18 hours before her death.

Early on December 24, Christmas Eve, Anndel sent the last video message in the group with the sisters. In the photos, the young woman opens the driver’s window and shows the road swept away by the blizzard. In addition, a truck with hazard lights appears that also appears to be trapped. The young woman told her family that the snow could reach waist-deep if she got out of the car.

Taylor was found dead by Buffalo residents after the family shared the location on a Facebook group known as Buffalo Blizzard 2022 asking for help.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was like a punch in the stomach, a pain I had never felt before,” said Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Still.

Taylor is one of at least 27 people in Buffalo who died as a result of the storm. at least 50 persons Died all over the country.

On Monday (12/26), Mark Poloncars, an official in Erie County, New York, reported that some people died because first responders experienced storm-related delays while trying to reach those trapped in the freezing cold.