February 1, 2023

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Virginia Bandera speaks after throwing a bottle of water at Gustavo LimaPlay from Instagram

Posted on 03/01/2023 09:53

RIO — After a water bottle was thrown at Gustavo Lima and he was kicked out of the singer’s New Year’s Eve show in Fortaleza, public servant Virginia Bandera gushed through Instagram, Monday, about what happened. She said she was outraged by the political connotation of Sertanejo’s offer and a speech he gave about his participation in a “p*nheta tournament”, where there were minors in the venue.

“I was outraged by the political overtones the singer made during the New Year’s Eve show where he was paid dearly to have fun and ended up participating in political action for a former president who so much slaughtered Brazilians,” he wrote, public servant.

The architect also said that Andressa Suita’s husband made a “disrespectful” comment during the show. “If that wasn’t enough, even with countless teens and minors accompanied by family enjoying the show, the singer said he took part in a handjob contest, in a full declaration of respect that added to my indignation, ’cause I have an underage daughter and I don’t want you to be there.” To watch this,” he continued.

Afterwards, Virginia admits that she has gone too far and thus throws water on Gustavo. “I was at a party where it is normal for people to drink, and I may have overreacted to disavow him, and I am humble enough to know my excess. I am still waiting for the refund of the ticket, as promised, and guarantee that nothing will be paid for the repair of the inconvenience caused.” It has the behavior of a musician, and therefore my family. I have a 13-year-old daughter who receives offenses on social networks, ”he concluded.

You understand

Gustavo Lima kicked out a woman during a New Year’s Eve show in Fortaleza, Sunday, after she was hit with a water bottle. In a video that Renato Sertanejero posted on Instagram, the singer is shown sitting on the edge of the stage, speaking to the audience, when a woman throws him a bottle. “Can you get her out of here,” the team asked.

He commented, “You’ve thrown me with water once, twice, thrice. I treat you with the greatest love and affection in the world, but that’s a joke,” and suggested refunding the ticket price paid by the public servant. “If you want your ticket back, I’ll pay. We come to sing and have fun, people come to throw drinks at us…”.

Finally, the singer defined the architect’s attitude as disrespectful. “Respect can’t be bought, you’re born with it. And speaking of respect, you don’t have that. Respect is the least, see, my friend?” , stressed the artist, whose production asked him to remove the woman. from the event. “Take it off now, you can take it off. You can take it off! Take it off, or I’ll take it off.”