June 25, 2022
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A woman suffers from a miscarriage and remains for 7 months with the remains of a pregnancy in her body: “terrible pain”

The mother of four, 38-year-old Briton Erica Hall, miscarried in March and, seven months later, discovered there was still “remains” of the baby in her body. The woman was 12 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby.

She was seen at the Royal Stoke University Hospital in England, checked and discharged without any further procedure. However, when she got home, Erica realized something was “wrong” as she continued to bleed and “faint”.

Back in the hospital, the woman underwent an operation to remove the remaining material from her womb. “I was released the next day thinking everything would be fine,” she said. Erica, who lives with her husband John Holton, says she felt fine for a few months, but the pain returned after that.

“I thought I had an infection. I started to have pain again. I did a urine test and it didn’t show any problems. But the pain got really bad, I was struggling to get out of bed and sleep. I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to the hospital. I went three times in 14 one day,” he told Stoke-on-TrentLive.

“They kept tricking me. Finally they took me inside and did an exam and found a cyst on my ovary. They said some baby remains are still there since March,” Erica said.

Then the woman had to undergo another surgery. “Why didn’t they check after the abortion that all the content was gone? They shouldn’t just send someone home and after seven months you’re still carrying your baby’s remains. I don’t want the pain I was feeling for my worst enemy, it was horrible,” she exclaimed. .

According to Royal Stoke, Ericka was encouraged to contact the patient’s contact and counseling team for support and to investigate the case.

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