March 30, 2023
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A woman takes a microphone on a flight, causes chaos in talking about Covid-19 and infers flight attendants; Watch

From the series: Things We Can’t Even See With Our Eyes We Can Believe… Saturday (16), Profile on tik tok, Known as Jawny, it went viral with a video of a woman who caused the largest riot during a plane flight. In the recording, the passenger is shown using a microphone and giving a controversial speech about her theory about the genesis of COVID-19. “I bought wi-fi on the plane just to post this. We are on the air now”, he developed the profile on what’s to come.

The video actually started with the woman standing in the hallway. Immediately behind her, a flight attendant is trying to warn her that such behavior is prohibited. “I brought my microphone. I will use it.”, says the passenger, while the professional asked her to return to the chair. “The epidemic started because people lost some of their faith”Announces the “speaker”.

The wrong rhetoric and the inconvenience of everyone on the flight not only made the flight attendant more nervous, but also the other passengers. “Lady, you just want to get attention.”says someone in the background. On the other hand, the commissioner seems to warn that the woman will need to tie her hands if she does not act. “Are you going to handcuff me?”Asks the passenger in shock. “I don’t need to be handcuffed”, then adds.

“I’m completely harmless. Also, I think you all enjoy this because, like I said, I’m not bad at looking at me.” the irony. The atmosphere becomes more tense and the hostess is forced to drag the woman into the corridor. Even annoyed, she does not fail to say her message loud and clear: “The reason the epidemic started is because no one here believes anymore, because you are stuck in your stupid machines and you don’t know what the reality is anymore. My dog ​​has more logic than any of you!”. Boy…

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The video has already garnered more than two million views And thousands of comments, where people were very surprised by the occurrence of such a scene. “Can you imagine that you are so crazy? The world must be very different.” Allen Books of Assisi. “I really thought she was going to give a lecture during the flightAnother entertaining profile called SpongeBob. “Where did you get that microphone from? In the first part I thought I was a flight attendant”, Share another Internet user. “I know her dog is so embarrassed that he made a separate trip” mocked the message.