May 28, 2023

A young man with sequelae after surgery was discharged from hospital with a cranial hemorrhage. | capital Cities

Marcelo Jose Barbosa Alves was released from hospital after surgery, but had to return three days later. The family requires a new medical evaluation

Relatives of Marcelo Jose Barbosa Alves, 25, are following the case of the desperate young man. He was in the hospital for 28 days Al Qaeda HospitalHe was suffering from serious complications after undergoing surgery for the second time to remove a brain tumor. The result of the CT scan carried out at the beginning of March at the Hospital das Forcas Armadas (HFA) showed a significant increase in brain injury and bleeding in the patient’s skull.

After receiving care from the Palliative Doctors at Base, the family requests a new professional opinion as to what to do in the face of the situation.

Marcelo José’s relatives believe that there is negligence on the part of the hospital and complain that an emergency surgery has been delayed, due to the patient’s critical condition.

The young man even received a medical discharge, but was hastily transferred to the Hospital de Pesce after a few days of deteriorating clinical condition.

“I was devastated. The hospital did nothing and still does nothing for my brother. They could have done the emergency surgery, but they didn’t. [do paciente]. It’s as if my brother is a piece of garbage there,” criticizes Marilyn Conceiçao Barbosa, the young man’s sister.


Marcelo José’s relatives accuse the hospital of negligence and complain that a new operation has been delayed
The result of the CT scan performed in early March revealed a significant enlargement of the brain lesion in the patient’s skull.

Marilyn adds that her brother no longer moves in bed while he waits for a new assessment. “He lies all the time, eats through a tube, doesn’t speak. Moves his arm and leg a few times. Open your eyes a few times, too. He spends most of his time sleeping,” he explains.

Coming and going

Marcelo José’s family has been seeking care to remove the tumor in the patient’s brain, through the Public Health Network, since the beginning of 2023. The first surgery took place on January 12th.

After the operation, the family applied to start chemotherapy, which is another stage of treatment against the tumor. However, Marcelo José was not called up to attend. He had no radio or chemotherapy. She’s been waiting since January,” her sister laments.

On February 25, the young man fell ill again and was returned to the hospital. The tumor would have grown back, according to Marilyn, due to a lack of necessary oncology treatment.

He was hospitalized again, and the patient waited 21 days to undergo the second surgery. Even without the operation, Marcelo José was discharged on March 16th. But after three days, the young man again needed hospitalization.

For two days, the patient was taken to hospital on a stretcher from the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu), according to the family, as he was in “stable” clinical condition. On March 22, a doctor recognized the seriousness of the young man’s health condition and referred him for intubation.

In response to a question from the report, the Institute for Strategic Health Management of the Federal District (Iges-DF), which is responsible for the management of the Hospital de Pes, did not send any positions until the latest update of this report. The space remains open for any demonstrations.