March 26, 2023

A young woman admitted to an intensive care unit after smelling pepper is undergoing an examination to assess brain impairment Goyas

Thais Medeiros de Oliveira admitted to intensive care unit after feeling ill from smelling pepper – Image: Personal Archives / Mateos López de Oliveira

Transista Thayes Medeiros de Oliveira, 25, entered the intensive care unit after smelling the pepper, and underwent a CT scan “to assess brain impairment”, according to the medical bulletin issued on Saturday (25) by Santa Casa de Anapolis, 55 km from Goiânia . The young woman is in serious condition.

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According to the hospital, Thai de Oliveira actually suffers from asthma and was hospitalized after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest. She was even intubated.

The tests also showed that the young woman suffers from cerebral edema, which is the accumulation of fluid. Thais are drugged to protect the brain.

Thais fell ill on February 17th. According to the young woman’s boyfriend, Mateus Oliveira, she was having lunch at his house when the situation happened.

“She was in the kitchen and they were talking about pepper. She rubbed her nose with the pepper and smelled it. Her throat started to itch and she lost her strength right after that. We took her to the hospital,” he explained. boyfriend.

According to the young woman’s mother, Adriana Medeiros, she never had a serious allergic reaction.

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