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About “With sugar, with affection” – 01/28/2022 – Opinion

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About "With sugar, with affection" - 01/28/2022 - Opinion
About "With sugar, with affection" - 01/28/2022 - Opinion

The world and the production of ideas became increasingly impoverished due to the group of political demonstrations that stopped the so-called Identity Guidelines. The toll that authoritarianism exacts on those who position themselves as spokesmen for blackness, homosexuality and women are enormous.

Singer and songwriter Chico Bouarque I decided to join the idiocy, Cancel from your repertoire One of her beautiful songs “Drunken with affection”that was recently subjected to an attack on the networks.

I don’t have any tool to assess whether Chico Buraki is alone sexist Or not, he triumphed over women from above the first throne granted to him, the throne of a white and heterosexual man.

When he began releasing his compositions, in 1966, the script was even more hostile to women: men consisted, women interpreted, and this decadent relationship was heralded as a pleasant quality of the artistic universe. Women were offered a supposed noble position on the stage.

It wasn’t just music. In the theatre, they chose José Celso, Antonis Filho, and Gerald Thomas as the tripod for the dramatic arts. This strangeness continued for a long time. In the national cinema, try to remember a woman who even excelled in directing a movie Carla Camorati standardized the so-called “Retomada” with “Carlota Joaquina” in 1995.

The world was, in the 1960s, so full of drunkenness and passion, that it was more sexist, and it would seem naive to think that Chico Boarque did not profit from his apparent production of testosterone.

However, now we are not talking about Chico Buarque, but Chico Buarque’s work. There is, in the field of music, visual arts, and drama, a very ancient resource called the Lyrical Self. What the song’s lyrics put out isn’t, strictly speaking, the same thing its author wants to say.

In other words, when Chico sings “Yoga will be on the gene”Nice part of the play “Trickster’s Opera”, it seems quite reasonable to suppose that, as an author, he does not suggest throwing excrement on women—or, for that matter, on prostitutes. She is a character who does that. And by the way, it’s okay to hate this character.

It is important to remember here that Chico Buarque is an excellent playwright, who wrote wonderful musicals. Aside from the nonsense that perfectly translates the female soul (an idea, this is a completely sexist idea, because it deprives women of the expression of a voice that is often not given to them), it took to the stage of female characters in great complexity.

Chico Bouarque’s sensitivity to women is embodied in songs such as “Atras da Porta”, which Ellis ReginaAs a translator, she raised him to one of the highest points of his career.

Those who are now calling for the cancellation of “Com Açúcar, com Afeto,” a song that showcases the voice of a submissive woman, victim and carrier of manhood like so many we see, are contributing to the infamous practice: Reap production business This can, through these rich literary resources, set us before our various wounds, and masculinity is but one of them.

Art par excellence is the master of subjectivity. What is said is not what is said, and it is open meanings that characterize good work.

Why and when? Maya’s team Putting on the dance floor the phrase “It is not worth dancing a man with a man and not a woman with a woman,” I make sure to go out to celebrate. I hereby declare that I reserve, in this part of the text, the right where I speak.

I consider “Vale Tudo” an anthem to liberate the dance floor because, in fact, it makes fun of those who think men can’t dance with men. The lyrical self is capable of many things, including representing the opposite of what is being said.

Therefore, the authoritarianism of cancellation over artistic expression, especially when the subject clashed with issues of minorities and oppression, often became a fatal mistake. Stupid and unreasonable censorship.

Artworks that are intended to be educational do not educate anyone. Defenders of the moral integrity of this massive exhibition of characters created by humanity and recreated through imagination prevent a reflection of critical nature. They are making the world increasingly boring.

We are witnessing in the conservative trend that is advancing in the country what compels us to reject misunderstandings as a reaction. The conservative reaction often leads to more intolerance. Dishonest texts of scant intellectual value are produced, and they are created only as counterpoints to those voices who, isolated in citadels of arrogance, think they are able to speak on behalf of the other and the oppressed.

On behalf of a housewife for example. And in the end, this person remains calm. Maybe I’ll listen to “Chico Barque”.

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