Abuse: A child of 9 years old, killed for having refused to do his homework !

Maltraitance: Un enfant de 9 ans, tué pour avoir refusé de faire ses devoirs !

In mulhouse, a small boy of 9 years was killed for refusing to do his homework. The whole family is suspected to have killed the child !

A new case of abuse has just been pointed out. A little boy of nine years lost his life after being beaten to death for refusing to do his homework.

Abuse : A child dies after having received many blows of a member of his family

The city of Mulhouse in the Haut-Rhin has had to face a new drama. Last September 17, Seal-Evan, a small boy of nine years lost his life and seems to believe that his family would be killed. The child seemed to have some difficulties to want to do his homework. This did not please his family. Besides, his mother seemed disgusted by the behavior of her child.

A source told in France 3 that the mother would have said to the big brother of the boy : “to Be the hit ! “speaking of Seal-Evan. The child seemed to be in danger at this point, but the story does not stop there. In reality, someone in the family has beaten to death of boy while the child’s mother was absent. The boy had been beaten with a blunt object such as a broomstick, according to France 3.

Child abuse : The family, suspected of murder of the child of 9 years old !

The little boy could not defend himself and he died after his many injuries. His big sister, 20 years of age as well as its big brother, 19-year-old and his girlfriend were in the home when the murder took place. They are alleged to have contacted the rescue after seeing that the child was not moving. Unfortunately, paramedics were unable to revive the child and an autopsy was held to find the cause of the death of the child.

The family of the little boy seems to have lied about the causes of death of Seal-Evan. The autopsy has quickly proven the causes of the death of the child. It pointed to the many beatings he had received. This has clearly revealed a case of abuse within the family. The mother, the sister, the brother and the sister-in-law of the child were arrested on Tuesday 20 November.

These remain in pre-trial detention and the big brother and the sisters seem also suspected of assaulting a minor. Of his hand, the mother seems to already be accused of complicity on the abuse of the child. According to France 3, the family would give the heavy blows at the boy to ” punish “…


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