December 8, 2022
Accent, Age and Kasia Kiss: Travisia's Worst Mistakes So Far - 10/29/2022

Accent, Age and Kasia Kiss: Travisia’s Worst Mistakes So Far – 10/29/2022

The a novel Travessia has become a relevant cultural landmark. Phenomenon in the style of Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space or Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.

Despite the low ratings by the standards of the time, some picturesque items guarantee major repercussions for the business. In the following lines, in continuation to our exclusive coverage of TV, I list some of the most glaring mistakes in production.

tone of history
Newcomer Jade Picon added a totally unnecessary layer of difficulty to her acting debut. The tone of the carioca makes his performance ridiculous and draws the audience’s attention to what does not matter. This, combined with dialogues full of forced slang, gives the impression that we’re watching a missing episode of Diário da Tati, a magnum opus by comedian Heluisa Peresi.

Still talking about the Jade Picon character, what is the justification for a citizen who has been driving legally for at least one year and is still in high school… I came to suppose that the TV series will take place in a Miami Brazilian neighborhood, but the theory falls to the ground when we notice that Kiara also lives filling her glasses in bars and restaurants without being bothered by law enforcement officers.

digital partition
The novel intends to discuss the vices and virtues arising from the use of technology, but the author does not seem to understand the basic principles of the topics covered. The hero can’t communicate on Instagram and the kid in charge of the montage that puts everything in trouble is nobody, but he manages to spread as easily as Choquei’s best posts.

cassia bag
The choice of actress puts Globo in a delicate position. According to the behind-the-scenes news published in the press, Cássia is going to make the atmosphere among the hell cast. And much worse, he even lived with biased statements. If the broadcaster does the right thing, they can present to her and the group that represents exactly what they want. But the institutional consequences must go beyond notes of disavowal.

We will come back anytime with new information.