January 27, 2023
Drone de entrega da Amazon caiu e gerou incêndio nos EUA de acordo com FAA

According to the FAA, an Amazon delivery drone crashed in the United States and started a fire

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) report recently revealed Drone Providing Amazon (MK27) Falling caused a Fire In the eastern state of Oregon in the United States. According to reports, several hectares of land caught fire in a crash on a test flight in June last year.

As the engines have revealed in the Federation document Drone Failed, which caused a 160-foot (48 m) free fall on the site. With the fall, the equipment caught fire when the lithium battery came in contact with the ground.

Despite the name Amazon In the report, the FAA mentions the accident Drone MK27, test prime air delivery model AmazonReleased in 2013. The document cites a video (not released) that shows equipment falling uncontrollably in a field full of wheat sticks, causing a fire.

Although formed nine years ago, Prime Air has not yet made any commercial distribution. By comparison, Google’s wing drones make over 100,000 distributions.

Amazon Report

According to DroneXLThe company revealed: “Prime Air’s first priority is safety. We perform extensive tests to collect data that constantly improve the security and reliability of our systems and operations. During these tests, our drones fly on sterile tracks to ensure that our personnel are protected from potential injuries.

The company further states: “We follow the full procedures for how flight tests are conducted and how we respond to any incidents. In this case, as usual in the aviation industry, we carry out an experiment with extreme caution. No staff or community members were at risk and the team followed all appropriate safety procedures and reporting requirements.

“Our focus is on innovating on behalf of our customers and measuring safe and reliable service.


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Via: DroneXL