July 23, 2024

Accounting in the United States is being investigated for internal trade

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Accounting in the United States is being investigated for internal trade
Accounting in the United States is being investigated for internal trade

The U.S. Futures Commodity Trade Commission (CFTC) has sparked an investigation into allegations that the trade took place internally. Cryptocurrencies Binance Holdings Ltd.


According to A BloombergInvestigators have expressed concern that these recent allegations raise concerns as to whether “Finance or his team” used “undisclosed information” to benefit “its customers”, using the privilege of illegally manipulating the market.

Binance has issued an official response to these allegations, saying, “At Binance, we have strict ethics and zero tolerance policy for insider trading regarding any conduct that may have a negative impact on our customers or industry.”


The investigation reflects an extension of the current investigation into finance by U.S. government officials into allegations that the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are currently investigating unverified money laundering and tax fraud claims. Exchange of team members in the world’s largest cryptocurrency. U.S. officials have clarified that no charges have been filed against Finance and that the results of these investigations have not yet been confirmed.

These allegations fit into a larger story of disciplinary study between government officials and finance in the United States and around the world, which is the most popular exchange in the world.

Finance is facing regulatory scrutiny around the world, and 2021 is a particularly challenging year for the company in this regard. A few weeks ago she responded and issued a statement For a warning South African Inland Revenue Service (SARS) through its Finance Africa division. This warning was issued to investors in the country, due to the lack of official authorization to provide interim or financial advisory services.

The exchange also faced public relations issues due to adverse warnings and other negative sentiments reported by regulatory authorities in such countries. Singapore, United Kingdom, Brazil, Lithuania, Hong Kong e Italy. They are also eliminating trading pairs between cryptocurrencies and specific fiat currencies, including the Singapore dollar, the Korean van, the Australian dollar, the euro and the pound sterling.

Is Accounting Moving in the Right Direction?

Despite these warnings and ongoing investigations, there has been no official ruling yet against Finance on fraud, insider trading or money laundering. The company has not been penalized for any warnings issued by the United States or any other country.

Accounting has also made changes Your internal processes e Your team Leadership in 2021 after difficulties and bad relations with international financial authorities

Accounting is a preparation Initial public presentation (IPO) In the next three years. He also appointed a new president for him Subsidiary Accounting. US In early September.


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