Act appointments: Guilbault denounces the attitude of the liberals

Loi sur les nominations: Guilbault dénonce l’attitude des libéraux

The exasperation of the government Legault towards the liberal opposition has turned up a notch Wednesday, around the draft law 1 relating to appointments.

Of the two sides of the Room, the climate heats up a little more each day, while the parliamentary session is only the beginning.

During a media scrum, the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, who is piloting the bill 1, has not hidden his irritation at the desire of the liberals to split its bill, a heresy in his eyes.

She sees the reflection of a general attitude of the members of the official opposition liberal aimed to paralyze the work of parliament, an attitude which she denounces.

Stung to the quick by the alleged “technical” obstruction of a liberal, the minister accuses the team of Pierre Arcand, bad faith and arrogance.

“I sense from the liberal Party, I wouldn’t say aggression, this desire for opposition, she mentioned. Oppose for oppose, I feel that in them.”

The same type of cleavage between the liberals and the caquistes has been observable in recent weeks during the study of bill 2 on the cannabis and the bill 9 on immigration.

Stiffness caquiste

On their side, of a draft law to the other, the liberals are seeing and complain about the “stiffness” of the members of the government who seek to “impose” their positions at all costs, without taking account of the opposition parties, commented on the parliamentary leader of the official opposition, Sebastien Proulx, during a phone interview.

It is estimated that the government showed no flexibility at the time of consideration of the bill on cannabis and one on immigration. And he wonders if the government will adopt the same attitude during the consideration of the bill to come on secularism and religious signs.

“This is a government in a hurry, who does not like to see”, summarized Mr. Proulx, who judge based on the position of its formation, based on the separation of the principles involved in the bill 1.

According to Ms. Guilbault, this legislative measure should be adopted unanimously, all the more that it grants more powers to the parliament.

Bill 1 — the first tabled by the government Legault — aims to avoid any partisanship in the appointment of three key positions of the public administration : the director of the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC), the director general of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and the director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP).

This is a motion filed in the House Wednesday morning by the liberal mp Gregory Kelley who set fire to the powder. To distinguish between the judicial process of the guidance of the police, it stipulates that the government should split its bill in two : the first would be the SQ, and the UPAC, while the second would focus on the DPCP.

Ms. Guilbault, did not budge : by requesting this change, the liberals are the proof of “their will very clear” to “cripple the progress of the project of law”, that refutes Mr. Proulx, claiming that the position of his group can only be considered a delaying tactic.

Currently, the choice of the persons occupying these functions reports to the executive council. Once the bill is passed, the holders of these three positions will need to be appointed by parliamentarians of different political parties, two-thirds of the members of the assembly.

Ms. Guilbault has argued that the act should be adopted so that it can appoint, by the autumn, the successor of the commissioner of UPAC, Robert Lafreniere, who has resigned on the 1st of October.

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