September 24, 2022
Actor Jose Dumont arrested for storing child pornography |  Rio de Janeiro

Actor Jose Dumont arrested for storing child pornography | Rio de Janeiro

the actor Jose Dumont was arrested in law Thursday (15) on suspicion of storing child pornography Mobile phone and PC. he’s running Allegations of abuse of a 12-year-old boy were also investigated.

The complaint came from the neighbors. According to the investigation, the security cameras of the apartment complex where the actor lives were caught committing abuses against a 12 year old teenageras such Kisses and caresses.

Police said he contacted the boy a year ago and offered him financial assistance and gifts.

Actor Jose Dumont arrested for storing child pornography – Image: Disclosure

And the police found, Thursday, while executing the search and seizure warrant at the actor’s home Videos and photos Contains child pornography on personal mobile phone and computer. The court also authorized a breach of confidentiality.

Jose Dumont was arrested in the act. According to the Child and Adolescent Act, it is a crime to store sexual images that include children.

The actor was taken to the Child and Adolescent Victim Police Station (DCAV).

late afternoon, He underwent a custody session and was held in prison.

Jose Dumont in Death and Life Severina – Photo: Grupo Globo

Born in Bananeras, Paraíba, in August 1950, José Dumont began his career in theater and participated in more than 40 films, such as “O Homem que Virou Suco”, “A Hora da Estrela” and “Dois Filhos de Francisco”.

He won the Best Actor award in several festivals, such as Gramado in 1981.

In Globo, he made his debut in the seventies, in such programs as “Caso Verdade” and the series “Carga Pesada”. He starred in the movie ‘Morte e Vida Severina’ which won an International Emmy.

At the station, he presented more than 15 serials and serials. Currently, he is recording to co-produce Globoplay.

Jose Dumont worked at Extinct Manchetti Television.

In Record, where he stayed for nearly a decade, he was involved in series such as “Milagres de Jesus”, and series such as “Caminhos do Coração” and “Mutantes”.

Globo issued the following note: “Actor José Dumont has been appointed as the appropriate work specifically for the telenovela ‘Todas as Flores’, to be shown on Globoplay. In view of the reported facts, Globo has made the decision to remove him from the telenovela. The suspicion of child sexual abuse is grave. The company does not tolerate any offensive or criminal behavior, even if it occurs in the personal lives of contractors and third parties who have any relationship with it.”

Jose Dumont’s defense did not comment.