February 6, 2023

Actor says he misspelled words when talking about divorce

Actor Luis Navarro, who plays Mark a novel All Flowers (Globoplay), Transfigured, Tonight, L She apologizes after causing controversy by announcing her divorce from influencer and former Faustau dancer Effie Bizot..

He was criticized for quoting in his end of relationship statement that he “couldn’t remember the last time he read a book” due to marriage obligations.

“I made a post about my marriage breaking up and it caused so much pain to so many people. So I want to apologize to you, Effy (Pizzot), whom I love, unconditionally. You, Callie, and Zuri are the love of my life and I will never give up on you,” he began. The father of 4-year-old Callie, W.J Visit mewho is only 4 months old.

I apologize to all the black women, all the women who were sad and angry about the post, it was not my intention.
Louis Navarro

The artist also confirmed that her ex-wife will not be left without her help in raising her daughters with the end of the relationship.

“That this post is not an argument that no man gives up on his daughters and his family. And for those of you who have seen this post it is what ends, at least for now. It is my relationship between a man and a woman, because I will never give up on my daughters and Ivi can count on me Whenever she wants,” he declared.

In tears, he ended his statement, stressing that he would not let his daughters grow up without the father’s presence – as had happened in his life.

It was a very difficult time for both of them, and all of the injured. We blacks are lynched. Our parents abandoned our parents, and I’m not going to do that. I sincerely apologize to my business companion and Ivi’s. Sorry again.
Louis Navarro

Who is Luis Navarro?

The actor, screenwriter and digital influencer started his career in theater in 2010 with the play Capitães de Areia. He also acted in the play Morte e Vida Severina. In addition to All Flowers (Globoplay), he has worked on the Globo soap operas Boogie Oogie (2014) and Pega Pega (2017).

One of Lewis’ most notable roles was as the protagonist of Pico da Neblina (HBO Max), in 2019. In the production, he played a former drug dealer who exploits marijuana legalization to work within the law.

I didn’t even know how to do a joint business and out of nowhere this role fell into my life. I came back to Sao Paulo and started talking to people. I got very close to my nephew, who is 17, to learn slang the way he went. And I began to wonder how the joint works, and I saw that there are several ways. Luis Navarro in an interview with TV News

In the movie theatre, she acted in A Sogra Perfeita and O Segundo Homem (star +). He even owns a clothing and accessory store.

“I’ve always understood the art market in a multifaceted way,” he said in an interview with Correio Braziliense. “The more attributes you have, the higher the chance that you will be hired.”