November 28, 2022
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Actress Anne Heck gets into a car accident and is hospitalized with a tube after it catches fire

Actress Anne Heche suffered incident By car on Friday afternoon (5), at Los Angeles, in the United States of America. She was taken to a hospital in the area and, according to TMZ, intubated with burns all over her body. The an actress He was driving his car, a blue Mini Cooper, around noon when it crashed into the garage of an apartment complex.

Residents of the building that crashed into the garage tried to help the heck out of the car. However, the actress refused to help, and the car sped in the opposite direction and left at high speed. Witnesses who were close to the crash site reported that Ann crashed into a house near the apartment complex. Cause collision a Fire Intensive, which consumed the damaged property, as well as the car in which the artist was.

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Firefighters rescued Heck at the scene and an ambulance took him to hospital. She was intubated and apparently suffered severe burns around her body. However, the severity of the injuries and the state of health of the 53-year-old actress have not been confirmed. Video showing the moment the artist accelerates the car after the first collision. Watch:

In some photos, shortly before the accident that caused the fire, Anne is shown inside her car, where a bottle with a red cap can be seen. to me TMZLooks like a liquor container. However, due to the actress’ health condition, the site stated that medical teams have not yet been able to perform tests that can confirm whether she is abusing alcohol or some other substance.

In 2020, the actress spoke frankly about her problem with alcohol. “I drink. I smoked. I used drugs. I had sex with people. I did everything in my power to get the shame out of my life”, he told ABC News. According to her, the reason for the high consumption of substances was due to the sexual abuse she suffered from her father, Donald Heshey, in her childhood. Anne Heche is a mother of two and has starred in productions such as “Six Days and Seven Nights”, “Psycho” and “Act of Courage”. In the nineties, his relationship with the presenter Ellen DeGeneres She became very famous.

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