September 26, 2023
Actress Elka Soares dies at the age of 89 in Rio de Janeiro |  Rio de Janeiro

Actress Elka Soares dies at the age of 89 in Rio de Janeiro | Rio de Janeiro

Actress Elka Soares passed away in Rio. She was hospitalized for ten days at Clínica São Vicente, in Javea, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro, and was undergoing treatment for lung cancer. She was 89 years old.

Born in the capital, Rio de Janeiro, she has acted in films, serials, theater and also presented programs.

Ilka made her film debut at the age of 17, in Iracema, directed by Vittorio Cardinelli. She was married to actor Anselmo Duarte, with whom she acted in the films Maior que odio (1951), by José Carlos Burle, Carnaval on Mars (1955), by Watson Macedo, and Além eu Conto (1956), the two directors signed together.

Elka Soares in Rainha da Sucata, 1990 – Photo: Nelson di Rago / TV Globo

In 1953, he began his television career, alongside Anselmo Duarte, working on sketches on TV Record. At that time, he also worked on radio, in addition to participating in fashion shows.

In Noite de Gala, which she presented on Rio TV, she was awarded the best “right” of 1958, according to an election conducted by Stanislav Ponte Prieta in his weekly column in the newspaper Ultima Hora. The list compiled the most beautiful women of the year.

In Tupi, he participated in the O Céu é o Limite program, as an assistant to presenter J. Silvestre.

Elka Soares in champagne, 1983 – Photo: Acervo / Globo

On TV Globo, Ilka made her debut in 1966, replacing Norma Bengell as the host of the show Noite de Gala. She has also worked as a broadcaster for the Journal de Verdade since 1968.

Acted in soap operas such as O Cafona (1971), Bandeira 2 (1971), O Bofe (1972), O Espigão (1974), Anjo Mau (first version – 1976), Elas porelas (1982), Champagne (1983) and Mandala ( 1987) and Rainha da Scrata (1990) among others.

Elka Soares was also married to former Globo General Manager Walter Clark.

Until the conclusion of this report, there was no information on the vigil and burial of the body of the actress.

Ilka Soares in O Bofe, 1972 – Photo: Nelson di Rago / TV Globo