June 6, 2023
Actress talks about life with MS

Actress talks about life with MS

Actress Jota StreiserDedicated to playing the character Bebel on “A Grande Família” (TV Globo), VEJA told VEJA in a statement to VEJA how she reacted to her multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

“I lost Earth at the same time,” said Guetta. “I didn’t even know what it was, only that it affected the brain, and that alone seemed terrifying.”

I was very scared. There was a movie unfolding in my head in which I was completely helpless. I began to have a recurring nightmare: immobile, unable to speak, I was trying to warn my partner. Gotta Streiser

The actress said she was taking an expensive drug, which she gets thanks to SUS, and that she changed some habits in her routine after the discovery.

“Now I do yoga, change my diet for the better, and do all kinds of brain exercises – from reading books to crossword puzzles,” he said.

I also mentioned how the discovery happened.

“It all seemed so normal that, during rehearsals (for a celebrity dance), I went through the choreography, and when I finished, I didn’t remember anything else, nothing at all. It got worse. I started to forget the very basic words like glass and chair. Movie And soon I felt a muscle ache on TV.”

Then Guetta said that after he fell into the living room of the house, he decided to seek medical help and, after an MRI, got the diagnosis.

He concludes, “I know I will live with multiple sclerosis for the rest of my life. I hope it will be long and full. Every passing day tastes of a little victory.”