Adelard opens its doors to you

Adélard vous ouvre ses portes

A trio of residents of Saint-Armand has, as its mission to contribute to the revitalization of the village of Frelighsburg with the item beginning next may, it will host the first professional immersion into the new artist residence called so nice Adélard.

“We have all the three residences in the region, and it often walks in Vermont, New Hampshire, or we visit a lot of art galleries and artists in residence international, and one is always surprised by the number of art centres that have managed to revitalise small villages through the tourism that they bring, the jobs that it creates,” says one of the three co-founders and chairman of the board of directors, Sébastien Barangé.

“We thought that it would be nice to have something similar here, and in speaking with several stakeholders, it was understood that there was a place for it, and that Frelighsburg was designed, because there are already a fertile ground, a community of artists and craftsmen, interesting. “

The vice-president, communications Group CGI is associated with the economic journalist Gérald Fillion as well as the specialist of the question of art in the public space, Laurent Vernet.

After being assured of the favourable reception of their project, they have set up a board of directors comprised of citizens and small entrepreneurs of the village ” who had an interest in developing a hub in the region “.

Restaurateurs, farmers and artisans in particular have embarked.

“We want to establish a dialogue between the community and the artists, that they permeate, they contribute to the economic health of the village and they create links. ”

Sébastien Barangé, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of Adélard

“Nothing elitist “

As early as the spring, the trio will invest so the old red barn adjacent to the office-store of natural products Oneka, in the centre of the village, and which had, until recently, an antique dealer, and will work to develop it in workshops with artists.

“The goal of Adélard, it is to make art accessible. We don’t want to just set up a place or artists come to create, and then leave. It wants to establish a dialogue between the community and the artists, that they permeate, they contribute to the economic health of the village and they create links, ” says Mr Barangé.

This is also why he prefers to speak of artists in the immersion rather than artists-in-residence.

“It wants nothing elitist,” he continued. Amongst others, this is why we decided to baptize the place Adélard, simply. We wanted something simple, friendly, very direct. It is a nod to Adélard Godbout, the former prime minister of Québec, who has done so much, but that’s a little bit sunk into the shadow of Duplessis, and that, in addition, has inhabited the area. Rather than go to the gallery or art centre XYZ, we’ll go to Adelard. It has a small side friendly. It is as if the door was always open. “

It will often, moreover, since the professionals that our guests will not only be able to use the barn as a workshop, but also to organize discussions, demonstrations, and exhibitions, ” said Mr. Barangé.

A first call for proposals ended on Tuesday, and not less than 45 professionals in the visual arts of Québec, of Canada and of the international were interested.

A jury will select three for the first season of Adélard, which will open its doors from mid-may to the end of September.

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