Adventure German Daniel Lacroix

L'aventure allemande de Daniel Lacroix

Daniel Lacroix is continuing its world tour. After you have accepted the position of coach of the national team of Lithuania in the fall, he finds himself behind the bench of the team of Cologne, in the first division of the German league, always as a great patron.

“The two jobs are not incompatible, as with the Lithuanians, I work mainly in tournaments, has explained the former assistant coach of the Canadian seal as he was travelling Cologne after the victory of his Kölner Haie Wolfsburg, late Friday night. I will be back with the Lithuanians in April for the world championships. “

Lacroix received a call from the general manager of the team of Cologne, Ontario, two weeks ago. The Kölner Haie were in trouble and needed a shot of the bar. Since the arrival of the resident of Shefford, the training is three in three.

“The team had especially need a good structure. There’s talent, this is a good group of players, but there was something missing. “

The situation of Lacroix Cologne is still particular, since the Kölner Haie already have their coach for the next season. And this is not him !

“The guy is already committed. Me, I’m there to get the team on track and to give my opinion on a little bit of all within the department of hockey. I do not seek a job, which means I am totally free to say what I think. Everything is perfect like that ! “

The Kölner Haie are a few Canadian (but not Quebec), and a few Americans in their ranks. Since the bus in which Lacroix called the author of these lines, we heard more English than German.

“This is a good group, I repeat, with good people. The guys want to learn, they want to improve and they want to win. Up here, it’s going very well. “

Cologne is one of the best organisations of the German league, ” says Lacroix. And it is this that prompted him to accept the offer of the team. The training evolves in an arena of over 18,000 seats and is a magnet for beautiful crowds, it seems.

“In addition, Cologne is a beautiful city and Germany, a beautiful country,” added the one who is still under contract with the Canadian.

The Lithuanians are progressing

In November, Lacroix has led the national team of Lithuania with a record of two wins and a defeat in the Cup tournament Baltic. And he liked what he saw.

“There is work to do, but I’ve seen a nice progression. Progress, it is what we demand of our players, ” he concluded.

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