June 1, 2023
After a crisis in Sertanejo, Anita mocks Neto's costume and 'tattoo in Tororo' - 05/29/2022

After a crisis in Sertanejo, Anita mocks Neto’s costume and ‘tattoo in Tororo’ – 05/29/2022

after, after Zee Neetu attacked Anita for her intimate tattoo and said he and other country singers “do not rely on Roan’s law.”A crisis arose between the artists of the genre, As reported by Fefito, a columnist at Splash.

Now, to comment on everything that has happened since Zé Neto’s comment, Anita They used social media with a tone of irony.

In the singer’s personal Twitter post, she said, “And I thought I was getting a tattoo on Tororó.” By 8:30 a.m., the post had garnered more than 110,000 likes.

Without naming names, she indicated that her initial intention was only to draw the anal area, not to start a big discussion about fees paid to the country’s citizens in the presentations.

Last night, the municipality of Conceição do Mato Dentro (MG) announced that the Gusttavo Lima show, scheduled for June 20, will be held. With a fee of 1.2 million Brazilian riyalsAnd the have been cancelled. The presentation of the duo Bruno and Maron, scheduled for the same date, has also been postponed.

Understand the controversy

It all started with a speech by Zi Neto during a show in Sorriso, Mato Grosso. To pay tribute to his success and the city that greeted him, the singer released a provocation about the canon of Rouen and about artists who need to “get a tattoo of penitence” to show whether they are good or bad:

We are here in Sorriso, Mato Grosso, one of the states that supported Brazil during the pandemic. We are not artists that do not rely on Lei Rouanet. Our fees are paid by the people. We don’t need to get a tattoo on the ‘tuba’ to show if we are good or bad. We just came here to sing, and the whole of Brazil sings with us.

It is known that Anita has an intimate tattoo on the anal area – The singer talked about drawing in reality “Ilhados com Beats” and even posted a tattoo retouching video on OnlyFans.